Plein Air Festival

High Country Summer

Kathryn Stats has a keen eye for the landscape as a result of her early horseback wanderings in the Utah countryside. Today she is known for works that capture the majesty of that landscape. Her expressive paintings depict everything from rugged geological formations to cascading waterfalls.

To hone her painting skills she studied with artists in the Salt Lake City area on a continuous basis for nearly 20 years and continues to examine books on color and landscape painting including Plein Air California Painters, Taos Painters, Carlson’s Guide to Landscape Painting and the Russian masters, favoring Vasily Polenov. She is also influenced by gifted artists such as Edgar Payne, Clyde Aspevig, Scott Christensen, Hanson Puthuff, James Reynolds, Matt Smith and Ray Roberts.

Kathryn started out painting the familiar rural landscapes of her childhood, but curiosity about new subject matter led her to Southern Utah, where she became more and more enthralled with the powerful red rock formations of that country. Her red rock paintings remain among her most popular works, though collectors are also drawn to landscapes including those from the coastal areas of California and Oregon as well as locations in Alaska, Russia, Spain, Italy, France and Portugal.

I try not to get too comfortable working in a particular size or subject matter because I feel that comfort leads to staleness.  For this reason, I’m always looking for fresh territory.”

Kathryn Stats

Kathryn Stats is a Utah artist whose best landscapes are a complete pleasure.  The paint in them is given over to the subject and you know that Stats doesn’t feel the need for any gimmicks to get her point across.  Direct, honest, and sensuous, these are the work of a genuine painter.”

The Arizona Republic